• Growling paracord dog collar


    Growling Dog paracord dog collar

    All the dog collars in the Growling range from Tink's Accessories are made from 550 paracord and will have an integrated D-ring on them to attach a lead to. 

    The weave used on this collar is called 'The Growling Dog', hence the name of the range, and has been made using turquoise and purple 550, 7 strand paracord from Greenman Bushcraft.

    Paracord is 100% machine washable on a cool cycle and then needs to be left to dry naturally.

    Collars are made to order once i have received your dogs neck size.

    To measure the size of your dogs neck use a flexible measuring tape or some string (and then measure the string). Wrap the tape around the area of the neck where you would like the collar to lay, ensuring that you leave at least 2 fingers between the tape and your dogs neck. A photograph of your dogs current dog collar with a tape measure next to it is also useful for sizing purposes.

    Once you have this measurement select the correct size from the drop down menu to determine the price.

    Please also select if you would like a D-ring or split ring on the collar.

    History of Paracord

    Paracord or Parachute cord is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope which was first used in World War II in the suspension lines of the US Parachutists. Soldiers also cut the suspension lines and were able to take out the core to use for a number of purposes such as fishing lines, thread to sew with, replacing boot laces, securing cargo or tarpaulins.... the variety of uses is almost endless.

    Paracord is now used as a multi-purpose utility cord both in the military and with civilians alike. It has even been used by astronauts during the second Space Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble telescope.