• Shell pearl hair comb - hazy violet


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    This simple elegant hair comb with hazy violet shell pearls would be a beautiful addition to any bride or bridesmaid dress.  The shell pearls offer you a different option to freshwater pearls in that when you put them in your hair they will not be damaged by any hairspray that you may need to add to keep your hairdo looking fabulous for the whole of your wedding day.  

    Unlike freshwater pearls shell pearls are made from the shell of the mollusc that the pearl grows in.  The shells are ground up and formed into a perfect round and they can then be coloured in a multitude of different colours.

    This hair comb can be made in other colours as part of Victoria Stone Bridal where we can work with you to match your jewellery to your dress so that you don't have to worry about finding something that will go with the dress.

    Please contact me to discuss your requirements or if you have any questions.