• Rose quartz and dragon back chain maille silver bracelet


    This stunning statement piece of jewellery combines the soft elegance of a rose quartz cabochon with a historical regal chain maille bracelet.  The cabochon has been wrapped in silver plated wire to hold it in its setting and give strength and then attached to a dragon back chain maille bracelet.  Chain maille is thought to have been invented by the celts and most of us will know it as being the armour that knights in medieval times wore.  The beauty of the dragon back weave is the dense weave of jump rings giving it a hint of luxury when worn.  The cabochon is attached to the weave in several places to ensure that it stays in place when worn.  The s-clasp allows the bracelet to be shortened for those with smaller wrists.  

    If you would like to purchase this bracelet but are unsure as to how big it will be on your wrist please contact me and if you wrap a piece of string around your wrist and measure it i can then make sure that when you receive the bracelet it is a snug fit on the wrist.

    If you would like something similar made with gemstones or cabochons of your choice or in gold plated or sterling silver for example please use the contact us page and i will happily discuss what you would like so that you can receive a truly unique pice of jewellery that you can show to your friends or family or even just for you to look at and smile.