• Pyrite & agate heart silver stud earrings

    £10.00 £7.50

    These little delicate earrings are perfect for adults and children alike.  They have a pyrite heart with a black agate bead on sterling silver plated copper studs.

    Pyrite is brassy yellow in colour which is what has brought about its most commonly know name of 'fools gold'.  The name pyrite comes from the Greek word 'pyr' meaning fire since sparks can be seen when pyrite is struck with a hammer.  Pyrite has been used in jewellery for thousands of years and examples of this jewellery can be found dating back to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Incans.  Pyrite is also seen in the gemstone lapis lazuli as golden flecks within the stone.

    Pyrite is thought to be a good protection stone and to protect against negative vibrations.  The ancient Incans were thought to use pyrite as an aide to meditation and divination.

    If you have a metal allergy or would just like these made with sterling silver findings please contact me and i would be happy to make these for you.  

    If you are interested in anything in the Toria's Trinkets collection but would like something made personally for you please contact me and i would be happy to sit and talk to you about your thoughts and how i can create a unique piece for you to treasure.  I have a wide variety of gemstones that i use to create my pieces and if i don't have exactly what you are looking for in my stash i will be able to obtain it in order to create your piece of jewellery.

    Your piece will come in either an organza bag or boxed.

    All items from my collections are created with love, care and attention to detail and i hope that when you receive your item you love it as much as i do.  I use 100% genuine gemstones and high quality materials.  I love what i do and hope you do too.