• Natural pink pearl necklace with sterling silver stardust beads


    Stunning natural coloured pearl necklace

    This elegant necklace has almost perfect round natural pink cultured pearls knotted on white silk with three 925 sterling silver stardust beads in the centre and a 925 sterling silver clasp. 

    Natural cultured pearls are not dyed in any way unlike many pearls and come out of the mollusc the colour you see in the pictures, a pale pink in this case.  The different colours are produced by the breed of mollusc and can be influenced by diet, water temperature and pollutants in the water.  I can't tell you which breed of mollusc these pearls came from but they are simply stunning with a beautiful colour and amazing iridescence and lustre.

    There are matching earrings and bracelet available which can either be purchased separately or if you would like the set please message me and this is available at a reduced price.

    If this necklace is not what you are looking for, Victoria Stone Bridal can work with you to design and create a unique set of jewellery to compliment your wedding dress, your bridesmaids' dresses, your flowers, the groom and the overall colour theme for your special day.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements and book a consultation.