• Magical labradorite chic silver plated wire macrame bracelet


    This chic and stylish bracelet will make you the talk of the town as different lights catch the labradorite and bring out the shiller and labradoresence.  

    The shiller in labradorite is an optical effect which makes the gemstones look iridescent and labradoresence is the blue shiller you can see in labradorite.

    Labradorite is thought to be parts of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights fallen to earth in myths from northern tribes.  Eskimo's originally thought that the Northern lights were originally trapped in the rocks off Labrador.  What ever your belief there is no doubt about the beauty of this gemstone and the magical qualities it possesses.

    The bracelet was constructed using the technique of macrame which is originally a form of textile knotting and comes from a 13th Century arabic word 'migramah' meaning fringe.  In this day and age macrame can take many forms and is often used to create beautiful pieces of jewellery.  

    As with all creations in the Toria's Trinkets range i have used genuine gemstones and high quality materials to ensure that when you receive your item you will be as pleased with it as I am.

    If you would like a piece created especially for you or a loved one please contact me to discuss what you would like and i can work with you to ensure that you receive a unique piece you will treasure.

    All items in the Toria's Trinkets range come packaged in either an organza bag or boxed.