• Kumihimo Coral & Grey Lariat with Silver Plated Beads


    This lariat style necklace has been created using the Japanese technique of kumihimo.  Silver plated beads have been incorporated at the two front ends of the lariat and a peyote weave sheath allows the length and style of the lariat to be altered dependent on what you are wearing and how you feel.  A bright coral colour has been mixed with greys to tone the brightness down but still creating that unique statement piece of jewellery.  The back of the lariat is finished with wrapped silver wire loop and hook.

    Kumihimo is thought to date back to the Nara period in Japanese history and literally translated means 'crossing cords'.  The braids were initially created using a finger technique which was soon replaced with the marudi and today with a kumihimo braiding disc, although marred are still used in Japan today.  The most prominent use of these kumihimo braided cords was to enable the Samuri to lace up their lamellar armour and also horses armour but also as a decorative feature to the armour. Today they are commonly used to tie an obi or kimono sash.