Ivory Seed Bead Rope Necklace


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Delicate seed bead necklace

Are you looking for unique and elegant jewellery? This beautiful necklace has been made using one of my favourite weaves, twisted herringbone. I am continually fascinated by how such tiny 3mm beads when individually sewn together can create such intricate and beautiful designs.

All of my beadwork uses the highest quality miyuki or Picasso glass seed beads which are sewn together using a high quality and durable beading thread such as Wildfire. This thread was originally used as fishing line until us seed headers found it was super fine and super strong and we decided to repurpose it for our own uses!

This ivory seed bead necklace has been made with 8/0 miyuki glass seed beads which have been hand sewn to create this stunning piece. Each bead is sewn on individually to create this twisted herringbone design. 

Each necklace takes approximately 14 hours to make and is finished with a 925 sterling silver clasp. 

The necklace is approximately 16 inches long.