• Helms weave chain maille earrings with amethyst

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    These stunning earrings use chain maille in a different way.  Rather than a bracelet or necklace I have adapted the chain maille weave to an earring length.  The weave used is called helms weave has been used with rose gold and silver plated copper jump rings and an amethyst puffy square has been added to them to give some movement to the earrings.  The earring studs are rose gold plated copper.  Should you wish these to be changed to rose gold plated 925 sterling silver please choose this option from the drop down menu.

    Earring length:  1 3/4 inches

    Now for a bit of history, myth and legend!

    Chain maille is thought to have been invented before the 5th century by the ancient Celts.  The name is derived from the French ‘maille’, which is derived from the Latin word 'macula' meaning 'mesh of a net'.  There are three main types of chain mailed European, Japanese and Persian.  Chain maile is still used to this day by butchers and even for shark divers for protection.

    In these modern times is has been discovered that chain maille can look extremely feminine when made with precious metals and with the addition of gemstones or masculine with the use of heavier more industrial looking materials.  Chain maille jewellery pieces are very durable piece as can been shown in the medieval armour that was made back then which we can still see today in museums.  A piece of chain maille can be made to suit everyone, be it young, old, male or female.  It just depends on the materials used: glass; metal; pearls; precious gemstones.  The jewellery is only limited by your imagination.

    The name amethyst  is derived from the Greek 'ametusthos' meaning 'not intoxicated'.  Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and can come in a range of shades from a deep purple to a pale lilac.  The element that creates this purple colour is manganese within the clear quartz, with the amount of iron included in the gemstone being responsible for the depth of colour. 

    In ancient times amethyst was thought to be the 'gem of fire' and was at points in history worth as much as diamond.  Amethyst has long been associated with royalty throughout the ages due to is purple colour and is the official birthstone for February.  It is thought to guard against drunkenness and helpful in curing addiction.  Many believe that if worn amethyst will make the wearer more gentle and amiable.

    If you are interested in anything in the Toria's Trinkets collection but would like something made personally for you please contact me and I would be happy to sit and talk to you about your thoughts and how I can create a unique piece for you to treasure. I have a wide variety of gemstones that I use to create my pieces and if I don't have exactly what you are looking for in my stash I will be able to obtain it in order to create your piece of jewellery.

    Your piece will come in either an organza bag or boxed. 

    All items from my collections are created with love, care and attention to detail and I hope that when you receive your item you love it as much as I do. I use 100% genuine gemstones and high quality materials. I love what I do and hope you do too.

    love and light x

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