• Elegant Apatite


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    This elegant necklace is made with silver plated copper wire and apatite drops.  

    Apatite is a lesser known gemstone and has in the past been mistaken for other gemstones.  Due to this the name apatite is derived from the Greek work meaning 'cheat'. 

    Apatite is a phosphate mineral and is composed of calcium phosphate which is the same material that is found in the bones and teeth of most animals.  As apatite closely resembles the composition of the human body may believe that is has some extremely powerful healing abilities.  It is also thought to be a stone of learning and inspiration.  There are many other beliefs to do with apatite but i will leave these to you to make your own decision.  

    There is no doubt that apatite is a beautiful gemstone with a vivid blue colour that will compliment any outfit it is put with.

    If you would like something similar made with different gemstones or with sterling silver findings and/ or wire please contact me through the contact us page and i can discuss your requirements with you to ensure that you get the piece you dreamed of.