• Dragon scale cuff bracelet in blue and gold


    This beautiful statement bracelet combines both elegance and a hint of fun. 

    I have made the bracelet with jewellers brass (gold coloured rings) and aluminium (blue coloured rings) jump rings. The weave used in this bracelet is called dragonscale and is a labour of love to make. I have to weave each of the 600 or so jump rings individually into the bracelet in order to get the dense weave with a hint of colour peeking through from the inside. The bracelet is finished with a 9ct gold plated copper 'c' clasp. 

    This bracelet would make a great gift for any of the women in your life be that your mum; sister; daughter; girlfriend or wife. And not to exclude the men here I can make this bracelet in a multitude of colours and lengths. This bracelet is approx 7 inches and looks best when it sits quite snug against the wrist. 

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