• Dragonback silver and rose gold plated chain maille bracelet


    This luxurious looking bracelet has been made using a chain maille weave called dragon back.  This weave combines both the historical european 4-in-1 weave which has been used in medieval armour in Great Britain and Europe since medieval times and a newer half Persian 3-in-1 weave to create this stunning looking piece of jewellery.  As you can see from the photographs the bracelet is dual sided with one side consisting of silver plated jump rings and the other which has the ridge of the dragon's back highlighted in rose gold plated jump rings.  The weave is very dense which is what gives it that opulent feel when wearing it.

    This bracelet can be made in a number of different colour options and if you would like one created especially for you in jump ring colours of your choice please contact me and I can discuss the options with you.  I can also add gemstone into the weave to make it even more luxurious.