• Bare copper hammered loops bangle


    This bare copper bracelet has a small loop on either side of the bangle and has been hammered to form the shape.  The bangle is on the smaller size so would be better for those with smaller arms, however a larger one can be made on request.

    There are a thought to be numerous health benefits associated with wearing bare copper.  When worn the piece of jewellery is thought to reduce the inflammation and pain associated with ailments such as arthritis or other associated joint inflammation disorders.

    Bare copper is a natural product and as will all things in nature it will age over time and tarnish.  This can cause the bracelet to darken and change colour.  The bracelet if worn constantly will leave a green mark on your skin over time.  This is normal and due to the oxidation of the copper.  Should you wish for this not to happen please select the coated option when ordering and the bracelet will be coated prior to dispatch.

    Care should always be taken when putting on or taking off jewellery that it doesn't get pulled out of shape.  There will always be some movement in the shape of the bracelet but over time as the copper moulds to your arm it will work harden.