• Bridal Something Blue Pearls with sterling silver


    How would you like to combine the elegance of a strand of pearls and your something blue all in the one necklace?

    Look no further..... 

    These beautiful ivory pearls have a hidden treat at the back of the strand with a navy blue pearl knotted either side of the clasp for your something blue.

    The pearls are knotted on white silk and the necklace has been finished with a 925 sterling silver clasp.

    History of Pearls & Bridal Jewellery

    Pearls have long been associated with weddings and bridal jewellery.  The tradition of the father of the bride or groom to present the bride with pearl jewellery was thought to symbolise love, virtue, spirituality and prosperity.  It is thought that this tradition originated in India where the father of the bride would collect sea pearls to present to his daughter on her wedding day.

    Today pearls are intimately associated with brides and weddings and was once thought to be the height of fashion.  Many necklaces today which are labeled 'pearl necklace' are not in fact cultured or freshwater pearls but faux which can include glass, plastic, ceramic to name but some.  All pearls on the Toria's Trinkets website are cultured pearls unless stated otherwise.