• Bloodstone Cabochon Pendant with blue quartz beads and copper wire


    This wirework pendant encapsulates a beautiful Bloodstone at its centre with copper wire wrapping round it to give a striking elegant look. 

    The pendant does not come with a necklace but should you wish to purchase one please message me and i can discuss your requirements with you.  I have a selection of chain, cord and viking knit necklaces available at differing lengths.

    Birthstone: March - bloodstone

    Each piece i create with wire and cabochons is unique as no two cabochons are the same and the wire will flow where it wants to as you weave it together.  

    A little bit of history, myth and legend

    Bloodstone is also called heliotrope is generally green with distinctive red spots thought to resemble blood, giving the stone its name.  It has been though that bloodstone was used to stop bleeding and in particular nosebleeds.  The Greeks called it heliotrope and they thought it would bring about change.  It has also been used as an amulet to protect against the evil eye and it is the symbol of justice.

    If you are interested in anything in the Toria's Trinkets collection but would like something made personally for you please contact me and I would be happy to sit and talk to you about your thoughts and how I can create a unique piece for you to treasure. I have a wide variety of gemstones that I use to create my pieces and if I don't have exactly what you are looking for in my stash I will be able to obtain it in order to create your piece of jewellery.

    Your piece will come in either an organza bag or boxed.

    All items from my collections are created with love, care and attention to detail and I hope that when you receive your item you love it as much as I do. I use 100% genuine gemstones and high quality materials. I love what I do and hope you do too.

    love and light x