• Amazonite heart earrings with 925 sterling silver plated studs


    These pretty earrings have been made using amazonite, a turquoise-green colour, faceted heart with an aqua quartzite accent gem. Silver plated copper studs have been used to finish of the earrings with its beautiful lustre.  

    These earrings are also available in 925 sterling silver should you wish to purchase them in sterling silver please choose the appropriate option in the drop down menu. 

    A little bit of history, myth and legend on Ammonite

    Amazonite is a form of alkali feldspar with a blue green colour which was named after the Amazon river in Brazil.  In the myth and legend behind the gemstone it is thought to sooth and calm the soul.  It is also thought to posses the energy of the amazon river itself has and like those of the female amazon warriors of lore.  As with many other gemstones there is a great deal of myth and legend associated with the gemstone when you delve back in time.  

    The crystal healing properties of this gemstone are only given as background to it and are not given as confirmed advice.  The lore and mythological background of the gemstone is given for information only and is not the opinion of Toria's Trinkets.

    If you are interested in anything in the Toria's Trinkets collection but would like something made personally for you please contact me and i would be happy to sit and talk to you about your thoughts and how i can create a unique piece for you to treasure.  I have a wide variety of gemstones that i use to create my pieces and if i don't have exactly what you are looking for in my stash i will be able to obtain it in order to create your piece of jewellery.

    Your piece will come in either an organza bag or boxed.

    All items from my collections are created with love, care and attention to detail and i hope that when you receive your item you love it as much as i do.  I use 100% genuine gemstones and high quality materials.  I love what i do and hope you do too.

    love and light x