How Toria's Trinkets started

Firstly let me say hello and thank you for looking at my website.  

My name is Toria and Toria's Trinkets was born as a result of me getting meningitis back in July 2014.  Prior to me falling ill I was a busy working woman who rushed from one thing to another, be it work or play.  I gained a PhD in Design Engineering and Analytical Chemistry in 2008 and worked as a programme manager for much of my life in various industries.

Since meningitis I have had a huge change to my life and have found it difficult to 'do nothing' and recuperate.  Even in hospital I would be busy stitching either my tapestry or designing and stitching cross stitch pieces.  As a result of being mainly housebound I have been perusing the multitude of television channels that we have on offer and happened upon the Jewellery Maker channel and one of their Designer Inspiration shows, well it is safe to say i was hooked in seconds.  I ordered my first kit and it has grown from there.

I believe that good must come from bad and I feel that starting jewellery making and continuing to stitch has enabled me to gain some power back in my life.  I put great care, attention and passion into everything I create be it a small cross stitch love heart which takes a few days to make or a luxurious wirework pendant.  I turn my hand to pretty much anything that comes my way with a needle or a pair of jewellery making pliers allowing my creative side to take hold.  Who would have thought all those years ago whilst doing my PhD in Design Engineering and Analytical Chemistry that it would have given me the tools to be able to create and design jewellery? 

If you see something you like on my website and would like to buy please press that 'buy' button or if you see a piece of jewellery that you like the style of but may not like the colour or gemstones please contact me through my contact page and I can discuss your ideas with you and design a bespoke piece of jewellery for you.

As for my needlework I can create cross stitch and tapestry pieces in a range of styles and colours.  If you would like a cross stitch sampler to celebrate the birth of a baby I have many different patterns which I can use to make a piece of artwork to cherish for years to come.  Perhaps someone you know is getting married and you would like a sampler to mark the date.  As with everything on my site and with Toria's Trinkets I can be very flexible and work with you to create something special that you will always cherish.

Thanks again for looking at my website.

Toria x